What’s In My Beats?


Most folks say that love is THE universal language. I’d have to slightly disagree- Music is! It has the ability to take you back to a moment in time, change your mood, make you dance, think, and so much more! Each week, it’s my mission to give the listeners a little taste of what I’m vibin’ to at the moment. On any given week, you can expect anything ranging 90’s hip hop and r&b, naija tunes, trap music, rock, and everything else under the sun!

Music is life…and I just wanna share it with you. 

Irene – FSGPodcast

Travis Scott, Young Thug, & Quavo – “Pick Up the Phone”


Jidenna – “Little Bit More”


Queen Latifah – “U.N.I.T.Y”

WIMB Queen Latifah

Trevor Jackson – “Here I Come


Anderson.Paak – “Milk N’ Honey”


Chasing Destiny – “All of Us”


Fat Joe, Remy Ma, & Jay-z – “All the Way Remix”


Chance the Rapper – “All We Got”


Justin Timberlake – “Spaceship Coupe”


Beyonce’ – “Sorry”


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