2020 Ain’t Lettin’ Up

What’s Poppin’ Good People?!?!? This week I get into alot! Before I get into the show, s/o to this week’s Plug of the Week, Black Kids Swim and the Goree Project!

• RIP to John Lewis
• Y’all, if you have time, pray for Kanye and Tamar
• Drake got a lot of tattoos…and I HATE it
• Central Park bird watcher, Chris Cooper doesn’t want to file charges…but his sister does. Some of y’all dont deserve us. *Deep sigh*
• Nick Cannon is outchea all loose lipped
• Ellen Degeneres might be a racist *Yikes*
• Meg the Stallion apparently got shot by Tory Lanez and we want answers
• That crazy doctor ain’t Nigerian. Y’all stay woke
• The Emmy nominations are SO Black and I LOVE it!
• And Beyonce has blessed us with Black is King

All this and more!

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Irene, FSGPodcast

Recorded July 31, 2020

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