Gettin’ Styled by Apuje

Giggle Gang!!! I’m back with another dope episode and this time, I brought my fly Naija homeboy, fellow Rattler, and stylist to the stars, Apuje Kalu, along with me for this week’s audible joyride! We recap the amazing and beautiful #KaluInColombia trip…I just LOVE seeing black folks exploring the world!

We then paid our respects to Aretha Franklin, scratched our heads at the VMAs (Madonna in particular), and tried to analyze what Nicki is going through…”Queen”, relax. Oh, and Be Out Day Atlanta was lit!

Apuje shared some of his jewels from the world of styling and lets gives us a peek into the work behind the dopeness that is styling celebrities. All this and more!!!

Listen. Laugh. Share.

Irene, FSGPodcast