EP86: For the Culture

What up, good people!

Shells is realizing that this month is full of fun activities that will ultimately contribute to her birthday celebration; and speaking of b-days, Irene is headed back to Miami to celebrate with the Bestie!

While we’re celebrating, we have a couple of Black History facts for Feb 8th, including an impressive connection with Mama O herself. Then, we go from facts to hypotheticals… this week’s would you rather organ donation or science experimentation? @FSGPodcast #FSGWYR

Now, the water cooler conversation for the week.

  • First and foremost, the Carter Family is expecting twins and Irene has a word for anyone who has something negative to say about Bey and her baby announcement. *yikes*
  • Tamron Hall walked away from a multi-million dollar contract with NBC after learning that she was being replaced by Megan Kelly on the Today show.
  • Meanwhile, Jemele Hill & Michael Smith have a new show and a dope black pop culture sports perspective to ESPN.
  • An American Airlines Flight Attendant trusted her intuition and saved a girl from human traffiking.
  • Unbelievably (or not at this point), Betsy DeVos was confirmed as Secretary of Education in an historic tie breaking vote.
  • And then we discuss the disappointing loss (for many) of Super Bowl 51… and the complex and frustrating conversations that resulted.

Then we wrap up this show with some some sexy music in Irene’s Beats and a quote from the Universe as Shells’ Eye Spy Inspiration.

Don’t forget… the LIVE show is coming!! So meet us in The District (Washington DC) on May 6th and hang with your girls, for shits and giggles!

cleardot.gifListen – Laugh – Share.

Irene & Shells

(recorded February 7, 2017)

About FSGPodcast

This is thoughtful, witty, and balanced conversation about a gamut of issues AND our love for Ellen Degeneres! :) The hosts, Irene & Shells, don’t have an agenda, they are simply talking about anything and everything for sh*ts and giggles…and are often surprised by the entertaining banter and surprising insights that result.
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