Ep 82: Bad and “Boujee”

Welcome to the New Year with your girls, Irene & Shells! Welcome to the 2017 edition of FSGPodcast, Giggle Gang!

We hope that your holiday was blessed and filled with goodness, family, friends, and memories that will sustain you all year long. But in case it’s already wearing off… here we are to help you get through the day! 🙂

We both enjoyed our holiday and are so glad to be together again to catch up on as much of what we missed as we can in one show.

Let’s get started…

Let’s embrace abundance in the New Year, shall we?? Would you rather all you can eat tacos or all you can eat sushi? Let us know your preference @FSGPodcast on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Also, let us know if you’ve cooked any of those Facebook video recipes…and what is your favorite?

Our first FSG Plug of the Week of 2017 showcases the VERY talented Melissa A. Mitchell of Abeille Creations. Melissa is an Atlanta based abstract artist, with a love of vibrant colors, unique shapes, and bold dark lines.  As a self -taught artist, she pulls inspiration from her Bahamian heritage, melodic tunes, and the colorful world around her. Since February 2014, she has created over 300 original art pieces, painted over 20 larger than life murals, been featured in the media and has work sold in stores.   She has also turned her favorite paintings into unique headwraps, pocket squares, socks, bow ties, home decor, and specialty textiles. She is known as the “Kaleidoscope of Hope”, because she brings joy through her use of colors. Anyone that experiences something she has created will find comfort in knowing that there is nothing else like it in the world. Check out her amazing designs and creations on Instagram at @AbeilleCreations.

Now to the water cooler, Mariah Carey and Don Lemon’s contributions to NYE celebrations and reflections are a pretty good summation of how 2016 felt to most of us…and the much needed desire for better days in 2017. Bless their hearts.

Kim Burrell needs to “eat some rice cakes and shut up forever” after her homophobic rants pissed off a bunch of us and earned her an official BAN from Ellen’s show.

Nicki Minaj left Meek Mills in 2016 and for that we are thankful.

A couple of red carpet commentators made the unfortunate mistake of calling Hidden Figures..Hidden Fences during the Golden Globes. No, all black movies don’t look alike *side eye*

And to prove all black movies, black actors, and black storylines aren’t the same… let’s get into the amazing wins of some of our favorite folks and shows: ATLANTA, Tracee Ellis Ross, Viola Davis, Donald Glover. YES YES YES YES YES to all that melanin.

Finally, let us not forget that the Honorary Auntie award goes to Meryl Streep for dragging Trump for his foolishness during her acceptance speech, while never uttering his fragile name.

Yahoo made the typographical blunder of the year when YahooFinance tweeted about #NiggerNavy and Black Twitter went wild!

And then there was President Obama’s Farewell Address. First and foremost, HUGE shout out to our friend in real life and loyal friend of the show, Tiffany Williams, who did us the honor of live tweeting right from the event at McCormick Place in Chicago this week. *we ouchea*. Like most people, we deeply respect President and First Lady Obama. We are so thankful to have lived during their leadership in this capacity and we will truly miss them as our First Family, but look forward to the work they will do as “civilians” and for the inspiration that they have given an entire generation.

And with that, we wrap up the first episode of the year with Bad & Boujee in Irene’s Beats and the Obama’s farewell speeches as Shells Eye Spy Inspiration.

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Listen ~ Laugh ~ Share,

Irene & Shells

(Recorded Jan 11, 2017)


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    🚨New episode alert!!🚨 "TMC"

    What’s poppin’ good people?! This week I’m keeping it short because I’m preparing for @hbcuspringcoming! So let’s get right to it- First and foremost, RIP to #NipeyHussle. The world is forever changed because of you. It is my hope that we all work to be our best selves and do good in our communities. The Marathon Continues! 💙🏁

    In other pop culture news: the #Neverland doc is cancelled- y’all gon’ leave #MJ alone! #ChristopherDarden is still being a loser; #TigerWoods is winning and some Black folks are cheering, and I’m confused 🤔; #ReggieBush got the game fucked up; #NotreDame burned down and y’all I thought it was the school 🤦🏾‍♀️; and I’m outchea running my marathon-guest lecturing classes! All this and more!
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    After spending some r&r in #Hawaii, I’m ready to get back to giggling and talking shit with my people! This week, I share some thoughts on Cape Toad ass #AmandaSeales (S/o to The Root!), my new play cousin- #JordynWoods, #Jussie’s legal woes, #RKelly and #GayleKing break the internet, #MichaelJackson is back in the news, #2Chainz and #Solange drop albums, and so much more!

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    We chopped it up about the wackness of the #SuperBowl (🗣"ATL hoe!"), #KamalaHarris and #CoryBooker’s bid for President, the fact that something about #JussieSmollett’s story ain’t quite curling over all the way, #21Savage, and so much more!

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    Then we get into Phil’s moves since his departure from the @dreamdefendersaction and what he has lined up for the future.
    Oh, and I finally address him and his “issue” with my girl #Beyonce. **Don’t worry #BeyHive, I stood my ground!** And of course Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee, @missymisdemeanorelliott is in my beats this week.
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    #GiggleGang!! It’s the last episode of 2018 and whew, it’s been a ride! I kept this one short and sweet- reflected on what 2018 had to offer and the dopeness that’s in store for 2019.
    Special s/o to all the amazing guests that chopped it up with me over the last 12 months: @monascottyoung @herflyness2u @m.y.i.a.h @apuje @book_of_moses @dj_rtistic @naimagram @kg_phd @melnew16 @jrbland @iam_naderah @iamcastro @iamdevale and so many more!! Y'all really made this solo venture something spectacular!! To the Giggle Gang: Thanks for riding with me. Y'all have no idea what that support means to me!! Only other thing to do, is take it to the next level!

    Welp, I guess I'll see y'all in the future! ✌🏾Cheers to the new year! 18, out.
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