Ep78: Totally I N S E C U R E

Hey Good People! We both enjoyed Thanksgiving with the loved ones and can’t believe that the countdown to Christmas is here. 2016 is flying by..and here we are, another week kicking with ya’ll! 🙂

This week, Would You Rather returns… in all it’s glorious ridiculousness!! So, if you had to have lots of muscles, would you rather them be upper body or lower body? #FSGWYR We have a feeling this will go down gender lines…lol.

Then we stroll on over to the water cooler, where we find:

Then, we talk about the full season of Insecure. There are so many layers to this down-to-earth, relatable, honest exploration of the flawed reality of Issa in her love life, friendships, and career.  We talk about the themes of Season 1, the conversations that have been sparked as a result of Issa’s brilliant story telling, and the banger of a season finale!

Then we wrap it up as usual… with some dope music from Insecure in Irene’s Beats…and an Eye Spy Inspiration that also relates to what Insecure taught us this season!

We had fun with this episode and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!

That’s all for now.. but we’ll be back…as usual.. next week!

Listen – Laugh – Share!

Irene & Shells

(Recorded November 30, 2016)


About FSGPodcast

This is thoughtful, witty, and balanced conversation about a gamut of issues AND our love for Ellen Degeneres! :) The hosts, Irene & Shells, don’t have an agenda, they are simply talking about anything and everything for sh*ts and giggles…and are often surprised by the entertaining banter and surprising insights that result.
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