Still Recovering

Hey Hey Hey, Good People!

This episode is aptly title, “ Still Recovering” because that is the reality of our lives right now. Irene is back from an amazing FAMU Homecoming experience and Shell hosted a successful, surprise laser tag birthday party for Cole. Amazing adventures for both…and we’re still recovering.

So, let’s move this show along…

We discuss the Trump effect … Shells is having a hard time understanding how the nice, warm woman she met a few weeks ago can openly support Donald Trump. Irene weighs in.

Then we talk about Kanye’s rant on his apparently broken friendship with Jay-Z, Leslie Jones uses the SNL Weekend Update Desk to address her hackers, Cubs made it to the World Series, and we LOVE everything about Atlanta and the Yale School of Drama trained actor behind “Paper Boi”!!!

That’s it … See ya next week!

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Irene & Shells


Welcome back, Good People! It’s a new week and a new episode of FSGPodcast!! Here we go…

Shells has been getting ready for Cole’s Birthday festivities and is celebrating a small victory with our resident tough girl, Cam. Irene was totally impressed with her experience at the African American History and Culture Museum– the newest Smithsonian museum. And is getting ready for a trip to the Highest of Seven Hill for #FAMUHC16.

Before we get into our water cooler chit chat, let’s consider this #WYR hypothetical for the day. Would you rather take a guaranteed $100,000 or a 50/50 chance at $1,000,000? We want to hear from you, so answer on FB, IG, and Twitter @fsgpodcast using #FSGWYR!

Now to our discussion of current events…

There’s a new “untraditional” CoverGirl, Shells thinks the Hot Ones challenge is a hilarious approach to interviewing, Irene  was fascinated yet underwhelmed by the Michel’le movie on Lifetime, President and First Lady Obama hosted their last State Dinner …and Auntie Michi SLAYED again, tragedy continues to haunt the Browder family, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced this year’s nominees, and the response to the news that PayPal cofounder contributed to the Trump campaign showed that our generation may be reactive, but definitely not apathetic.

Finally, we wrap up the show with Irene’s Fall anthem in her Beats and an Eye Spy Inspiration about the price you pay for your experiences.

We love y’all and appreciate your support. Keep listening, laughing, and sharing and we’ll be back next week!!

Irene & Shells

(recorded October 19, 2016)


Voting Piranha?

Hey, Good People. It’s a new week and and a new episode…

Shells has been busy, cheering on the Cubs, participating in the PTA, and planning Cole’s upcoming birthday celebration! Meanwhile, Irene is actually chillin’ and living low key for a hot second…and apparently, it’s also pretty chilly in the DMV.

Now to the water cooler, there’s a lot going on:

  • Beanie Seigel and Charlemagne had a tense exchange on The Breakfast Club … and a new pocket clap back has been born.
  • Black-ish’s new season is not disappointing at all…but why can’t Shells catch the current episodes On Demand?
  • The deadline to register to vote in FL been extended another week to allow those who may have been displaced during Hurricane Matthew an opportunity to get back and handle their business;
  • Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti and caused major damages along the East Coast of the United States. We send our prayers and condolences to all those recovering from the storm, particularly the families of those who lost loved ones.
  • Colin Kaepernick is making a return to the starting position of the SF 49ers. Despite all the controversy, Kaepernick is back to work…on the field.
  • President Obama will be a guest editor for the November issue of Wired Magazine… just another display of his timeless coolness;
  • During our recording, news was breaking about Tommy Ford, most notably known from his role in Martin. At the time, we knew he was hospitalized and fighting for his life from a reported abdominal aneurism. Since then, Tommy Ford has passed away. We offer our condolences to his wife, family, and friends. #RIPTommy
  • As if the craziness couldn’t get any crazier, Donald Trump is out here grabbing p***y, on the record. Meanwhile, Billy Bush (formerly of Access Hollywood and presently on the 3rd hour of Today), has been suspended indefinitely because of his comments on the leaked tape.

Then we spend a few frustrated moments talking about the most recent presidential debate (if we can even call it that) … can the whole damn thing be over, yet?? Finally, we end the show with some Not Nice in Irene’s Beats and a quote from Alice in Wonderland as Shell’s Eye Spy Inspiration!

That’s all for this week… we’ll be back for more FSG shenanigans next week. Until then,  Listen – Laugh – Share!

Irene & Shells

(recorded October 12, 2016)

FSG and CeeDotCee

What’s poppin’, Good People?! We are so excited about today’s show! So we’re not going to waste any time…

While the fall cool down has Shells ready to hibernate…Irene is not letting the good times of summer go without a fight, evidenced by the date she took herself on last weekend! As for today, this is what our water cooler conversation is about:

  • Whether we should be washing our meat;
  • The 411 with Mary J. Blige;
  • Kim K getting robbed by “Niggas in Paris” ;
  • The tragic passing of Jose Fernandez;
  • Solange’s new album is EVERYTHING and we’re so proud;
  • and Birth of a Nation opens this week and Nate Parker is still pissing folks off.

But enough of our usual antics… Today, we’re adding a voice to the conversation!! We have the honor of having YouTube sensation, CeeDotDee, join us. She’s is a talent in front of the camera with over 9 million views of her hilarious videos, as well as being an accomplished videographer and editor. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, a FAMU graduate, and our new Bestie (HEEYY Cee Cee, girl!!).

It was so much fun chopping it up with this rising star and we hope you enjoy our time with her as much as we did!

If you’re not already part of the rapidly growing “Cey Hive”, get into it! CeeDotDee is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat!

Finally, we wrap up the show with one of our faves from the new Solange album, and a simple quote that puts the process to success into perspective.

Much love again to CeeDotCee  — know that your besties at FSG will always support you!

Thanks for hanging with us and continue to Listen – Laugh – Share the good, FSG word!

See y’all next week,

Irene & Shell

(recorded October 4, 2016)

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