EP66: Bro!!!

What Up, Good People?!
Shells officially has a kindergartener! It was bittersweet for sure. Meanwhile, she is also starting the potty training process for Cami. Pray for her. Exciting times all ’round in motherhood! 🙂
Irene might officially be an old-head… Based on her experience at Tillectro. But never fear, this Labor Day weekend will not be without an appropriate Irene turn up. She’s jet setting to H-town to wrap up Summer appropriately.
Then we get into our water cooler chit chat… We discuss Chris Brown’s stay loosing, while Lyin’ Ass Lochte is going to be Dancing Ass Lochte, the talented Gene Wilder passed, Tamar Braxton’s husband bit her , Trump took his ass to Mexico, and Colin Kaepernick is protesting and drawing mixed responses.
Our would you rather is silly as hell… *shocker* would you rather a swaying appendage or accordion legs. #FSGWYR
Then we enthusiastically talk about this years MTV Music Video Awards…. And there’s SO much to discuss from Rihanna to Bey to Drake to the unhosts and of course Kanye and Teyana Taylor. What did you think of this year’s show and our reaction to it?
As usual, we wrap it up with some musical pleasantries in Irene’s Beats and an eye spy inspiration about being vulnerable.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend and we’ll see you next week!
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Irene and Shells
(Recorded August 31, 2016)

About FSGPodcast

This is thoughtful, witty, and balanced conversation about a gamut of issues AND our love for Ellen Degeneres! :) The hosts, Irene & Shells, don’t have an agenda, they are simply talking about anything and everything for sh*ts and giggles…and are often surprised by the entertaining banter and surprising insights that result.
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