A Week of Foolishness

Welcome Back, Good People! It’s been a low key week for Shells…she’s awaiting the arrival of her nephew and sending love to her friends, The Walkers! Meanwhile, Irene is living and breathing this #LiveAlotFSG lifestyle.. with a last minute turn up at the Bad Boy Concert before an overnight trip to Philly to get in Formation (again) with the Queen.

Now for the show… we pretty much can sum this up as a Week of Foolishness: Odell’s temper tantrum, Rob Kardashian tweeting his sister’s real phone number, MJB serenading Hills about police brutality, Farrakhan calling President Obama out, Blue Bell can’t keep Listeria out of their ice cream, and then there was the first President Debate. *whew* One strong positive of this week was the successful, star-studded grand opening of the Smithsonian Museum of African-American History. It’s a beautiful tribute the history and culture of African-Americans in the US and we pray for its successful, impact, and positive influence to our country!

Then… we hop on into Irene’s Beats with a throwback in “hood love” songs and an eye spy inspiration about #squadgoals.

That’s all for this week… have a great weekend – keep spreading the good FSG word and we’ll see ya next week!

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Irene & Shells

(recorded September 29, 2016)

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Hey Hey, Ya’ll!

While we were away, Irene enjoyed a date with her couch and is getting ready for a date with a spinning bike. Shells is facing the reality that Cole is a real life cool kid.

Around the water cooler, we talk about the gas line break impacting supply and prices in the south; Michelle Obama hosted with our girl Ellen, and the folk at Naked Juice launched a campaign to help those in produce deserts – so #DrinkGoodDoGood, and the Emmys happened (but we missed it).

Finally, we have to acknowledge (yet again) the victims of excessive police force. Video of Terence Crutcher being shot dead in Tulsa, OK surfaced this week, followed by reports that Keith Lamont Scott being shot while reading a book in his car. Our hearts continue to break as these stories make national headlines, but we pray for the families of those lost. We are so tired of these stories, so tired of having to defend our pain and fear, so tired of having to explain our realities. #BlackLivesMatter

Let’s shift the energy. Would you rather have telepathy or telekinesis? While we agree on this one…it’s for VERY different reasons. lol.

Then we talk about it…the idea of Fake It till You Make It. Two very different situations made me think about the risk and reward of acting like you are who you want to be. First, Necole of NecoleBitchie.com and xoNecole.com posted a video sharing the truth of her struggle, and Corey Feldman, former child star, “performed” live on the Today Show.

Finally, Irene’s got a new joint from Usher in her Beats and Shell’s eye spy inspiration is a reminder that self care is so important and comes in many forms.



What’s up, Good People. New Week.. New Episode…let’s get into it.

Irene experienced the incomparable performance art of Kanye West and then survived an equally monumental summer cold. Shells had an absolutely perfect weekend in Atlanta handling business and visiting family.

Then, we get into the water cooler:

  • Deloitte is showing that work-life balance is also the responsibility of the employer with a new family leave policy;
  • One of Bey’s favorite girl’s, Ashley Everett, had a performance of a lifetime when she got engaged, on stage, in the middle of the St. Louis show;
  • Chance the Rapper is making us love him more every day by most recently taking on ticket scalpers…and winning;
  • Apparently, when Ellen tells you to “take one and move along”, that’s exactly what you should do…unless you want to get called out on national television;
  • Hillary Clinton’s “health scare” has turned into the most recent side show act and Colin Powell has some choice words for both presidential candidates;
  • Apple announced the new iPhone, Apple Watch and iOS and we’re only excited about 2 of the 3;
  • And oh yeah, it’s football season.

We’re skipping Would You Rather this week and #LiveAlotFSG is to keep finding fun in everything!

But then…we talk about the viral sensation of #TeacherBae. What’s the real problem here… the attire, the picture, the age of the students, or the overwhelming analysis of the underlying issues of body shaming, relationships, gender roles, sexism and religion that have all bubble to the surface…thanks to Big Booty Judy!

Finally, Irene gives us an oldie-pop rock-goodie in her Beats this week…she’s so well rounded. And Shells’ eye spy inspiration is encouragement to reach out and let someone know they made a difference in your life.

That’s all for now. Shout out to all of our new listeners and lots of love to our loyal supporter! Keep sharing the good FSG word and we’ll be back at it next week!

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Irene & Shells

(Recorded Sept 14, 2016)


Smoking Kills

Believe it or not, the first week September is here already…and we’re back like clockwork. New week, new episode!

Shells took a gamble at a Lauryn Hill concert last week and is going home to ATL this weekend, while Irene took over Houston last weekend and is begrudgingly saying goodbye to summer.

Around the water cooler, we’re talking about payment plan airfare, Serena Williams as the GOAT, ITT was completely shut down in the middle of the week, Colin Kaepernick’s jerseys are the hottest commodity these days, Shonda Rhimes, Common, and Jesse Williams have a new project exploring the socioeconomic challenges of our country, Malia Obama embraces her petty, and Beyonce celebrated her birthday Soul Train style (but Irene’s invite got lost in the mail).

Then, there’s our would you rather enlightenment for the week *ha*… Would you rather only age in your face or only age from the neck down? Think about it…carefully…we certainly did!

And even though the end of summer is sad, Fall means quality television programming! We discuss two major premiers this week: Queen Sugar and Atlanta! Both shows are predominately black casts and tell unique stories of the complexity, beauty, and differences in the black community. Amazing black television and we loved every bit of it!

And speaking of story telling and quality entertainment, Irene shares a fun and upbeat record from Young Thug, Travis Scott, and Quavo in her Beats this week, and Shells had a little incident at Starbucks that set the framework of her Eye Spy Inspiration!

That’s it for now…but we’ll see you next week! Until then, Listen – Laugh – Share!

Irene & Shells

(Recorded Sept 7, 2016)


What Up, Good People?!
Shells officially has a kindergartener! It was bittersweet for sure. Meanwhile, she is also starting the potty training process for Cami. Pray for her. Exciting times all ’round in motherhood! 🙂
Irene might officially be an old-head… Based on her experience at Tillectro. But never fear, this Labor Day weekend will not be without an appropriate Irene turn up. She’s jet setting to H-town to wrap up Summer appropriately.
Then we get into our water cooler chit chat… We discuss Chris Brown’s stay loosing, while Lyin’ Ass Lochte is going to be Dancing Ass Lochte, the talented Gene Wilder passed, Tamar Braxton’s husband bit her , Trump took his ass to Mexico, and Colin Kaepernick is protesting and drawing mixed responses.
Our would you rather is silly as hell… *shocker* would you rather a swaying appendage or accordion legs. #FSGWYR
Then we enthusiastically talk about this years MTV Music Video Awards…. And there’s SO much to discuss from Rihanna to Bey to Drake to the unhosts and of course Kanye and Teyana Taylor. What did you think of this year’s show and our reaction to it?
As usual, we wrap it up with some musical pleasantries in Irene’s Beats and an eye spy inspiration about being vulnerable.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend and we’ll see you next week!
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Irene and Shells
(Recorded August 31, 2016)
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