“The Black Annie”?

Hey Hey, Good People! Here we are again!

Since last week, Irene has been chilling and Shells is trying to get her mind right for Cole’s first day of kindergarten.

Around the water cooler, we discuss:


Then we get into a would you rather that (not surprisingly) take us off our conversational course…Would you rather have a fully automated house (like in “The Black Annie”) or a self-driving (and totally safe) car? #FSGWYR

And Shells shares the #LiveAlotFSG tip this week! Don’t underestimate the power of a mini-getaway…a night at a hotel in a city near you!

Then we share our initial thoughts and reactions to the Nate Parker story. This is an extremely complex story and information regarding the 15+ year old legal case continues to be revealed, as well as the implications to Parker’s career.

Finally, we get into Irene’s Beats… which apparently is her theme song and is probably a bit inappropriate following our Let’s Talk About it… buuuutttt, this is FSG.

…And that’s all for this week. Because, we’ve done enough. lol.

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Irene & Shells

(recorded August 23, 2016)


2016 Olympics – It’s Lit!

What up, folks!

Here we are again… Irene has a new cocktail to enjoy as she take in these last weeks of summer…Shells had a new discovery in parenting and is taking in easy between the end of road trip season and the new school year.

This week’s would you rather is weighs the value of fame versus legacy. Which would you rather…let us know #FSGWYR

Then we get into our water cooler conversations! It’s chock full of Olympic high-(and low)-lights, from the commentators, to the #blackgirlmagic of the Simones, Ryan Lochte’s absurd account of being robbed at gun point, and the diving and drop kicking adaptations in track. We also discuss the coincidental destination for Southwest’s recent sale, Trump circus of a campaign, and Shells’ new girl crush! Then we discuss Cam Newton’s GQ interview, and the social media judgement of Gabby Douglas.

As we continue with our #LiveAlotFSG campaign, Irene reminds us that just trying something new on a familiar menu can become an experience…if you let it! Keep Living ALOT and remember to tell us about it! 🙂

Finally, one of the GOATs of rap is in Irene’s Beats this week. It’s a new record from an old school artist who clearly just gets better with time. And Shells Eye Spy Inspiration reminds us that our words mean things…so we should be careful with how we use them!

That’s all for this week!

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Irene & Shells

(recorded August 17, 2016)

We Married or Nah?

What up, Good People!

Shells just got back from her road trip with the family to NC, but her voice didn’t quite make it. Meanwhile, Irene had a great weekend with her mom, and is still trying to accept that the end of summer is near.

Around the water cooler this week, we discuss all the dope blessings Leslie Jones is enjoying, despite her haters; we acknowledge the passing of Dr. Sebi, a world-renowned herbalist and natural healer; Misty Copeland got married to her longtime beau; the Olympics have been an awesome display of athleticism and culture; and then there was 50 Cent’s eggplant. Yikes!

In our hypothetical world… Would you rather live your entire life in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted or in the real world?

And how have ya’ll been living alot this week? Our weekly suggestion is that you get a massage! Make some time to get a good rub down – your body will thank you!

Then we get into our Let’s Talk About It: We Married or Nah? On the heels of some high profile and messy celebrity break ups, we discuss modern day marriage, the related pressures and social stigmas.

Finally, we wrap up the show with a timeless classic from Erykah Badu in Irene’s Beats and an Eye Spy Inspiration about being open to connecting with people outside of your immediate circle.

That’s it for now. We’ll be back next week!

Listen – Laugh – Share,

Irene & Shells

(recorded August 10, 2016)

Can You Hear Me Now?

What’s up, ya’ll! It’s a new week and a new episode of FSG!
With #Summer16 beginning to wind down, Irene is feeling a little bummed about it, but Mama Aihie is coming to town and that’s sure to liven things up a bit! Meanwhile, Shells and her crew hopped on the road again and celebrated baby Cam’s 2nd birthday. Which brings to question the lost art of writing on a birthday cake… we’ll discuss.
Around the water cooler, we discussed the Olympics, Pokemon Go, KimYe got receipts (sorry-not sorry, Taylor), a dude was struck by lightning more than 10 times (& lived to tell all the stories), Ms. Shirleen is killing us on Instagram, and speaking of Instagram, this Snapchat look alike is funny business, and we are loving summer tv like Greenleaf, Big Brother and Power. Lots of good stuff!
In #FSGWYR, it’s about presentation and comfort. Would you rather wear a shirt that is 2 sizes too big or 1 size too small. What’s your preference?
And we are so excited for our Plug of the Week! This week, we feature Riverment : a film showcasing how women have been, and will continue to be in the forefront of all movements.  The film is set in the present day by a river and presents a compelling and timely dialogue from two different generations (a former civil rights activist and her granddaughter). Here’s how you can stay plugged into this project and support the production: Kickstarter: https://kck.st/29nECB0Twitter/IG: @RivermentFilm; Facebook: www.facebook.com/RivermentFilm
Technical difficulties had us wrapping up the show earlier than expected (thanks to Shelley being in the back woods of North Carolina).  Remember, we want to know what you’re doing to Live A lot! This week, we suggest taking a drive and going a different route… It’s a great way to decompress and do a little adventuring! One of Irene’s favorite artists is back in her Beats and Shells shares a note from the Universe for eye spy inspiration.

That’s is for now… We’ll see ya next week!

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Irene and Shells
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