EP58: Rigged Tweets

Hey Good People! We hope you had a good week and are so glad that you’re back to hang with your girls! 

Irene has had a pretty dope weekend with friends as the DMV shifts into summer, and she’s getting back into her Serena vibe…kinda! Meanwhile, Shells is trying to adjust to a little boy who’s already making a life of his own. #mommyproblems
Around the water cooler, we acknowledge the success of The Lip Bar (shout out to our very own, Melissa Butler); sadly, the Senate is a shit show; Games 6 & 7 of the Finals gave us SOOO much to talk about (i.e.:sexism, sportsmanship, and the fragility of fame); Irene found Dory and fed her hoodie habit; OJ Made in America has been another successful and entertaining perspective on the fallen sport star; and the US Men’s Soccer team only earns points for cool uniforms and being American…but dassit!
This week, we consider what solo activity makes you feel lonely. So, would you rather go to dinner alone or go to the movies alone? Talk back to us @FSGPodcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook #FSGWYR
Finally, we wrap up the show with new music from a rising artist in Irene’s Beats and a two part Eye Spy Inspiration, including a shout out to work being done by our sister, Jovian Zayne and the On Purpose Movement.
We love ya’ll! Enjoy the first full weekend of summer and we’ll see ya next week!
Listen – Laugh – Share,
Irene & Shells
(recorded June 22, 2016)

About FSGPodcast

This is thoughtful, witty, and balanced conversation about a gamut of issues AND our love for Ellen Degeneres! :) The hosts, Irene & Shells, don’t have an agenda, they are simply talking about anything and everything for sh*ts and giggles…and are often surprised by the entertaining banter and surprising insights that result.
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