All Hail BET!!!

Hey hey, Good People!

As Shells is getting ready for a family 4th of July celebration at the house, Irene is getting ready to jet set to the West Coast for new adventures, good friends, and sneaker fun!

Around the water cooler, we discuss #Brexit, #BlackGirlMagic on Big Brother 16, some of the results from the Olympic trials, Kanye’s newest chapter of crazy, the airport attack in Turkey, and a few national day ofs to keep you busy for the next few days.

When it comes to being uncomforable, would you rather be itchy or sticky?!? (We know… This question is the worst! Haha!) @FsgPodcast #FSGWYR

Then we get into it … Our thoughts and feelings about the 2016 BET Awards!! There were SO many highlights from the night… Kudos to BET for doing it right on so many levels!

Finally, We wrap up the show with another up and coming artist in Irene’s Beats. Just remember, you heard it here first! And Shells shares an excerpt from one of her favorite books, “The Four Agreements”.

That’s all for now! Y’all have an amazing and safe Fourth of July weekend and we’ll meet you back here soon!

•P E A C E•

Irene and Shells

(Recorded June 29, 2016)

Rigged Tweets

Hey Good People! We hope you had a good week and are so glad that you’re back to hang with your girls! 

Irene has had a pretty dope weekend with friends as the DMV shifts into summer, and she’s getting back into her Serena vibe…kinda! Meanwhile, Shells is trying to adjust to a little boy who’s already making a life of his own. #mommyproblems
Around the water cooler, we acknowledge the success of The Lip Bar (shout out to our very own, Melissa Butler); sadly, the Senate is a shit show; Games 6 & 7 of the Finals gave us SOOO much to talk about (i.e.:sexism, sportsmanship, and the fragility of fame); Irene found Dory and fed her hoodie habit; OJ Made in America has been another successful and entertaining perspective on the fallen sport star; and the US Men’s Soccer team only earns points for cool uniforms and being American…but dassit!
This week, we consider what solo activity makes you feel lonely. So, would you rather go to dinner alone or go to the movies alone? Talk back to us @FSGPodcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook #FSGWYR
Finally, we wrap up the show with new music from a rising artist in Irene’s Beats and a two part Eye Spy Inspiration, including a shout out to work being done by our sister, Jovian Zayne and the On Purpose Movement.
We love ya’ll! Enjoy the first full weekend of summer and we’ll see ya next week!
Listen – Laugh – Share,
Irene & Shells
(recorded June 22, 2016)

The Big Magical Box

We’re back at it! 

Shells is suffering from the “Natural Hair Struggle” and loving her new workout, The Bar Method. She also shares some extra love for one of her dearest friends, Lamar, for just being awesome! 🙂 Meanwhile, Irene had an amazing weekend – filled with the good vibes that only Beyoncè can provide.
We start the show on a solemn note, given the recent and repeated tragedies in Orlando this week. We send our condolences to the family and friends of all those who lost their lives in these senseless acts of violence. FSGPodcast believes in love, respect, and happiness; and we pray that our country will take a turn for the better. We all deserve so much more than to continue to suffer from the loss of life and freedom as we simply strive to live in our unique and diverse truths  – safely.
We take a break from the Water Cooler to shift the energy and consider this week’s would you rather question! Here it is: Would You Rather have professional paparazzi follow you non-stop or have to reveal one serious, intimate secret about yourself weekly in a column? Share your preference on IG, FB, or Twitter @FSGPodcast #FSGWYR
Now back to our usual antics:
  • A couple of our favorite shows are returning soon, Orange in the New Black (Netflix – June 17th) and Big Brother (CBS – June 22nd) We’ll be talking about them all summer long!
  • The United States of Women event looked like it was just as amazing as we thought it would be! Shout out to everyone behind making this important event happen, including our very own Brandi Sally!
  • The Tony Awards were covered in diversity this year and we LOVE it! Shout out to Hamilton with 11 wins, and the top 4 honors of the night going to people of color — the first time in Tony History!
  • We acknowledge the passing of Kimbo Slice who remained diligent and built his image, brand, and relevance despite many hardships and set backs.
  • And then Irene shares her Beyonce Formation experience. As a true fan of music, musicians, and performers….and a devoted member of the BeyHive…this recount is one worth hearing!
Finally, we wrap up the show with new music from Kelly Rowland’s protege’s “Chasing Destiny” and a Mr. Rogers quote helps us find the silver lining in the darkest of times.
We love ya’ll for hanging with us! Continue to Listen – Laugh – Share and we’ll see ya next week!
-Irene & Shells
(recorded June 15, 2016)


Bobby, Sex, & Ghosts

Hey Good People!

We’re back at it! This week, Shells learned that she is experiencing mild mommy anxiety as Cole grows up and has new experiences…and Irene is in the final countdown to her personal Formation experience.

Since our scheduling has been a little off, we’re getting right into all of the things we haven’t had a chance to talk about it:

  • Ellen has found herself is little trouble thanks to a segment we like to call  “When Jokes Go Bad.”
  • The glaring and disgusting disparity in the justice system has been highlighted by the recent sentencing of a California rapist who happened to be a Stanford student and scholarship athlete.
  • Summer music festivals are kicking off and the NBA finals might be LIT!
  • Politically, it’s officially Hillary and Trump. #welp
  • In TV, we discuss Roots and whether it’s helpful or hurtful to have these slave narratives told so often…and the highs, lows, and “huh?’s” from the Bobby Brown interview
  • We acknowledge the passing, life and legacy of the G.O.A.T: Muhammed Ali
  • Since we missed it, we have to mention the Three Year Old in Harambe’s cage. SMH

This week, Would You Rather have your mind function as an iPod so you could play any music just by thinking about it or be able to play your dreams on the TV? #FSGWYR

As we wrap this show up, Irene is excited that June is Black Music Month! This week, new comer, Yuna is in her Beats! Finally, eye spy inspiration is compliments of Muhammed Ali! He was filled with integrity, determination, and perseverance and he was masterful with his one-liners.  May he rest in peace and continue to inspire us all.

We’ll see ya next time! Until, then, continue to listen – laugh – share!

Irene & Shells

(recorded June 9, 2016)

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