Vax That Thang Up!

What’s poppin’ Giggle Gang?!?! I know, I know… #HawaiiFour0 and #305ToGogo have been keeping me busy but I’m back!!! This week I share my thoughts on the assassination of Haiti’s President, the tragedy in Surfside Miami, Bill Cosby’s release from prison, the #BlackGirlMagic that is the Scripp’s National Spelling Bee Champ- Zaila Avant-Garde, and United […]

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Family Matters


What’s poppin Giggle Gang?! This week I get into a few familial issues…Derrick Jaxn and his wife need more than Jesus, Kirk Franklin and his son show us that saints aint always sanctified, Saweetie and Quavo are on my nerves, Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne learned that being a bigot will have you outchea jobless, and Lil Nas X is on a mission to piss people off…and I love it! This week in my beats is a smooth vibe from the Isley Brothers. Shout out to Verzuz! All this and more.

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Irene, FSG Podcast

Recorded March 31, 2021

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You Win Some, and You Lose Some


What’s poppin’ Giggle Gang! This week I get into the details of the most recent Nike scandal involving the son of a Nike VP and his VERY lucrative sneaker reselling business. Dry snitching at its best. Yikes!

Married at First Sight is lit and NOT in a good way.

And the greatest basketball player of today, Lebron James joins the FAMUly!!!

This week in my Beats, is a throwback from Wale. Oh, to be a Sneakerhead! Whew! All this and more! Listen. Laugh. Share.

Irene, FSGPodcast
Recorded March 5, 2021

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Black Love…in a Panorama


What’s poppin’ Giggle Gang, this week I chop it up with Lakila and Eric Bowden from Dope People Who! We’re talking black love, seeking and cultivating healthy relationships, and shooting your shot! But before we delve into all of that, you know I had to get their take on this T.I and Tiny situation, the foolishness that is Lil Uzi Vert and his 24 million dollar forehead, Chloe Bailey and the silhouette challenge, and Stacy Abrams’ Nobel Peace Prize nomination…(Happy Black History Month y’all!). And of course, I hit y’all with an amazing remake of an r&b classic in my Beats this week. All this and more!

Be sure to check out Dope People Who:
IG – @DopePeopleWho

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Web –

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Irene, FSGPodcast

Recorded February 2021

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A New Day


What poppin’ Giggle Gang?!?! “We Did it, Joe!!!” This week it’s all about the Inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris! But before I get into that, s/o to Lori Harvey for living her best life, and Ashanti and Keyshia Cole for giving us something to do on a Thursday night. Oh, and this week, there’s an oldie, but goodie in my Beats this week. Y’all better get into this Chaka Khan!! All this and more on this week’s episode of FSGPodcast!

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Irene, FSGPodcast
Recorded January 23, 2021

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Duck Dynasty Done Lost It


What’s poppin’ good people?! It’s 2021, and per usual, being crazy and white is lit! Before I chop it up about the Duck Dynasty Capitol Riots, I catch y’all up on my trip to Florida, Verzuz, and the possible love triangle that is Kanye, Kim, and Van Jones…WTF?! And this week in my Beats is a track from my new fave, Ty Dolla $ign. All this and more!

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Recorded January 8, 2021

Irene, FSGPodcast

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So, It’s STILL 2020, huh?


What’s poppin’ Giggle Gang?! This week I catch y’all up on what I’ve been up to. Then I get into disrespectful restaurant owners, bad internet advice, positive changes from the Biden-Harris Administration (elect), and Gammy keeping it all the way real at the Red Table. Oh, and a dope new track from SZA is in my Beats this week. All this and more!

Irene, FSGPodcast
Recorded December 10, 2020

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The Never Ending Election…Ft. Dr. Keneshia Grant


What’s poppin’ Giggle Gang?! During this episode, I get into the unprecedented and very ridiculous 2020 campaign cycle. And of course, I had to bring Dr. Keneshia Grant back to the show to break it all down. We chop it up about both the Presidential and VP debates (Shoutout to Senator Kamala Harris for standing her ground and gettin’ “FlyGuy” together on that debate stage), Orange boy’s COVID-19 diagnosis (I literally cant make this shit up), mail in voting, the nomination of a new conservative Supreme Court Justice, and what to expect on and after November 3rd. All this and more!

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Irene, FSGPodcast
October 12, 2020

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2020 Ain’t Lettin’ Up


What’s Poppin’ Good People?!?!? This week I get into alot! Before I get into the show, s/o to this week’s Plug of the Week, Black Kids Swim and the Goree Project!

• RIP to John Lewis
• Y’all, if you have time, pray for Kanye and Tamar
• Drake got a lot of tattoos…and I HATE it
• Central Park bird watcher, Chris Cooper doesn’t want to file charges…but his sister does. Some of y’all dont deserve us. *Deep sigh*
• Nick Cannon is outchea all loose lipped
• Ellen Degeneres might be a racist *Yikes*
• Meg the Stallion apparently got shot by Tory Lanez and we want answers
• That crazy doctor ain’t Nigerian. Y’all stay woke
• The Emmy nominations are SO Black and I LOVE it!
• And Beyonce has blessed us with Black is King

All this and more!

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Irene, FSGPodcast

Recorded July 31, 2020

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