EP15: What’s Success?


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

This week, Shells was fighting the¬†downpours, wrangling children, and feeling accomplished about taking her coffee black. Irene and her Sammies wrapped up their season, so more time can be committed travel…which she is booking 1 one-way flight at a time.

And we have a new addition to the FSG family… our new and official intro! We hope you like it, ’cause we just love it! ūüôā

While¬†Ellen’s rockin out with¬†Gap Kids, Irene does not want¬†us not forget, #IreneEllenDanceBattle will happen this year!

Would you rather live in an ordinary home in an extraordinary place or live in an extraordinary home in an ordinary place? We want to hear from you. Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter @fsgpodcast #FSGWYR

Water Cooler News¬†this week includes the tragic and suspicious “death”¬†of¬†Sandra Bland, the Chattanooga, TN¬†military site shootings, a summary of the¬†ESPYs, the Birdman/Young Thug/¬†Weezy craziness, the verdict in the 2012 Colorado movie theatre shooting, the epic fail named “Amazon Prime Day“, and a few fun¬†National “______” Day that will get you through the week.

This week’s Plug Of The Week is¬†The Urbane Group. Urbane¬†caters to the cultured young professional – after traditional business hours. Urbane is a lifestyle experience that infuses unparalleled customer service with social sophistication.¬†Headquartered in Washington, DC, The Urbane Group is operating in more than seven major cities. To begin¬†your experience experience, visit¬†www.urbaneworldwide.com.¬†

Cocktails 2 Connect is a signature happy hour series of Urbane. It’s an after-work social event that provides a platform for young professionals under 40 to network with one another in a cosmopolitan environment. This event series has successfully expanded to Washington, DC, Chicago, IL,  Houston, TX and most recently, Charlotte, N.C. In less than five years, C2C has help connect over 100,000 people. See more details at cocktails2connect.com.

This week, we discuss how success is measured, how the definition has changed, and what it means to us today.

A¬†Tallahassee hero is in Irene’s Beats this week, and a simple encouragement at the gym inspired Shells for Eye Spy this week!

As always, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think of the new intro and the progression of the show overall! We can’t thank you enough for the support and feel free to continue to spread the good FSG word!

We’ll see you next week.

Irene & Shells



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EP14: Diddy Boppin?


We took a lil’ break … but we’re back. Here’s the most important thing that we learned during our time away: We are¬†much¬†better together than we are apart. Shells continues to enjoy her new Midwest life: eating ribs at festivals and learning the horse¬†racing game and such. Irene took her ridiculousness to Miami. Her mom was¬†elated to see her and some of Irene‚Äôs friends have no concept of being on time. Oh,¬†and the theme music for Irene’s softball game is “Flicka Da Wrist” #GoSammies¬†#petty

Ellen’s only boyfriend, Tayt, had a successful heart transplant surgery! YAY Tayt! We continue to pray for your recovery! And in other Ellen joy, there’s a perfect way to keep your ice cream from melting through the bottom of your waffle cone.¬†#YoureWelcomeWednesdays

We know you’ve missed your weekly Would You Rather pondering, so here it is, good people: Would you rather be able to talk with all animals or be able to speak all foreign languages. As always, we want to hear from you. Hit us up @FSGPodcast #FSGWYR

So…. we are playing catch up around the water-cooler this week. Here’s what you should (already) know:

Donald Trump is still crazy as hell. South Carolina lawmakers voted to, and subsequently, removed the confederate flag from the Capitol Grounds. Congress, however, lost their minds while trying to address the use of confederate flag on federal properties. Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick have broken up. Ariana Grande licked donuts for sale to the public for fun. 3 major IT glitches in 1 day. Wow. And the Bill Cosby story just keeps getting worse. Are you surprised?

FSG PLUG OF THE WEEK!¬†This week we have the esteemed honor to plug the¬†“Queen Like Me”¬†book and reading program.¬†Queen Like Me¬†is part of a budding non-profit education initiative that teaches history to kids.

QUEEN LIKE ME: THE TRUE STORY OF GIRLS WHO CHANGED THE WORLD is a vibrant and adventurous learning experience that invites readers to explore the courageous and dazzling stories of 15 authentic women leaders of the past and present whose contributions to the world are captured in the form of rhyme!  A dynamic array of women (including Queen Nefertiti, Coretta Scott King and First Lady Michelle Obama) are featured!

Check their website queenlikeme.com and follow them Instagram @queenlikeme4kidz and FaceBook @QueenLikeMe.

This week in ‚ÄúLet‚Äôs Talk About It‚ÄĚ, we talk about some of the most notable¬†breaking news over the last couple weeks, including Obama’s Best Week Ever (SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage ruling and Amazing Grace Eulogy). #BlackGirlsRock, especially Bree Newsome & Misty Copeland.¬†Then there is our BET Awards recap and a few words about FSU quarterback’s De’Andre Johnson¬†nightclub brawl … with a woman.

Irene’s dancing spirit led her to the fun,¬†summery music¬†of D.R.A.M.¬† This week’s Eye Spy Inspiration is courtesy of our boo, Ellen!

Enjoy and see you next week!



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EP13: Hillary Got to Do Better


We’re getting comfortable with our flourishing relationship with “The People”. So let’s skip the niceities and get to it! Shells made a quick trip down south – and enjoyed the heat, for a moment. Irene will be seeing Queen Bey again this summer is already getting ready for an(other) epic experience. Irene will be elevating her social media game with the edition of her selfie stick. We’re both excited about the return of Big Brother – so expect to hear us talk about it in the future.

Ellen’s Instagram page continues to give us joy. One of our favorite things is You’re Welcome Wednesdays where Ellen gives helpful and humorous tips to get you by! And we’re smitten with Ellen’s only boyfriend, Tayt Anderson.¬†And the preparation continues #IreneEllenDanceBattle – never forget.

Where does your vanity lie? We’ll see in this week’s Would You Rather. Would you rather be¬†half your height or double your weight? Shells and I are vain in different ways (shocker), but we want to know what you think. Hit us up on Twitter¬†@FSGPodcast #FSGWYR.

Here’s a few nuggets for¬†the Water-Cooler:

Bobbi Kristina was moved into hospice care after being hospitalized since January. Twerk was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, amongst some others. ¬†Obama shut down a heckler during a LGBT event at the White House and used the “n-word” in the WTF Podcast interview. The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. The BET Awards aired this weekend, which is one of Irene’s favorite award show.

PLUG OF THE WEEK! Everyone deserves a vacation, whether it’s a girls’ trip or a bucket list adventure. And if you need some help making some travel plans come true contact Hope Jones, travel agent and owner of Cruise Planners. She specializes in full service and custom travel needs both domestically and internationally. Stop talking about what you want to do one day, and contact¬†Hope¬†to¬†plan your next getaway…and tell her FSG sent you! ūüôā #FSGPOW

Hope Jones | www.bookwithope.com | 919) 423-7206 | hjones@cruiseplanners.com

Hillary Clinton spoke at an AME church in Missouri last week and uttered the words “All Lives Matter”. We discuss the response to her inclusion of this phrase and the broader issue of the push back against the exclusivity and necessity for “Black Lives Matter“.

In the last week of Black Music Month, Irene’s Beats are reigning supreme, and Shells was inspired by a beautiful quote and the growing success of Melissa Bulter of the Lip Bar.

We hope you enjoyed! We’re taking a break for the Fourth of July … so we’ll see you in 2 weeks! ūüôā


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EP12: Buzzfeed


Aannnndddd we’re back! Shells is a little concerned that her hair looks too much like a white woman who’s trying to look like a black woman. Thanks, Rachel. Irene maximized 36 hours¬†in Brooklyn and Harlem this weekend…her typical summer shenanigans.

We are a bit sad that Ellen’s Biggest Summer Ever of new episodes is over…but Irene is now stalking her on IG. So there’s comfort in that and the ongoing commitment to preparing for the #IreneEllenDanceBattle.

In this week’s Would You Rather, we debate where when we’d want the world to celebrate us. So, would you rather have no one show up to your wedding or your funeral? Let us know what you would rather: @FSGPodcast #FSGWYR

This week’s Water Cooler News included:

  • Charleston, SC Massacre where a white supremacist &¬†American¬†terrorist murdered nine people at Emanuel AME Church. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the city of Charleston.
  • The US Women’s Soccer Team continues to progress through the Women’s World Cup. We are very proud that the home team continues to do so well.
  • Lebron (and the Cleveland Cavaliers) lost the 2015 NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors…and Irene is pleased (#petty).
  • AT&T has been fined $100 million for falsely representing “unlimited” data plans. Apparently, you can use as much data as you want…but it’ll cost ya!
  • Add Donald Trump to the list of 2016 presidential candidates.
  • Believe it or not, Love & Basketball recently celebrated their 15th Anniversary.
  • Killer Mike announced he was going to run for state representative… and he was…for a hot second!

This week’s Plug of the Week is¬†Dungeon Forward.¬†

Dungeon- An expressive term that figuratively describes the uncut penetration into the mind of the urban dweller. Forward- The second portion of the compound name utilized to describe the fashionable portrayal of the life and times of the urban inhabitant.

Dungeon Forward is the infusion of music art and street culture into a premium brand of apparel. DF strives to represent the popular culture within eclectic and artistic industries while also tapping into the unsung niche markets.¬†Shells already found a shirt that Irene’s gonna LOVE!

Check them out:  http://dungeonforward.com/  or on social media @dungeonforward .

This week, we’re taking it easy in our Let’s Talk About It segment… The truth is, one ¬† ¬†of our favorite ways to kill time and discover who we really are as people is to take Buzzfeed quizzes. So we chop it up about a few of our favs.

Black Music Month continues and Irene’s Beats are blessed with her all time favorite artist, affectionately known as the King of Pop. And given the gravity of the Charleston tragedy, this week’s eye spy inspiration is pretty simple.





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EP11: Lyin’ to Kick It


Irene took a quick break from travel and turn up to catch up on work this week…but will resume her normally scheduled summer social calendar…immediately. Breaking News! Shells hates squats and has negative abdominal strength… and you care or don’t. Our¬†dysfunctional #FitBit and #FuelBand debate continues…our apologies. It’s pettiness as it’s finest.

Ellen has another game app that you can purchase. It’s a fun trivia game called Know and Go! ¬†It’s available, like most things, in the App Store. A few favorite moments from the show this week included Will Smith performing Summertime,¬†and Ellen & Portia being playful!

Whether you’re concerned with Irene’s bout with pettiness or feel moved by her being ordained to battle Ellen on the dance floor, we need your help getting the word out. Support the cause: #IreneEllenBattleDance @TheEllenShow @FSGPodcast.

We debated serious or silly for this week’s Would You Rather question…and silly won! So, for an entire year, would you rather have to sneeze but not be able to or have something stuck in your eye that you can’t get out? Tweet us and let us know what you would rather @FSGPodcast #FSGWYR

Watercooler News this week included the prison break in Upstate New York prison, the highly anticipated new season of Orange is the New Black is early available, an update on the current presidential candidates, try planking 5 hours…and there was Lebron’s head on collision with a camera…and the prime time debut of his man parts. Whoa!

Our 1st Plug of the Week: The Grant Access. There are events and then there are experiences…and The Grant Access and the Chief Experience Architect, Lauren Grant, make the difference in elevating gatherings to memorable, meaningful experiences.¬† We are delighted to highlight our friend as this week’s Plug of the Week and we encourage you to check her out for your event!

When the story of Rachel Dolezal hit the internet, we knew we had to talk about it! Is passing for black offensive? Is it necessary? Why did her parents feel the need to “out” her? Should she get a pass from the Black community? Is there any relationship between this story and Caitlyn Jenner? We talk about it all.

Black Music Month continues in Irene’s Beats…and it’s good music; and Shells shares a few simple rules of life to encourage and inspire happiness until we get together next week.

That’s it…for now!


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We are excited about airing our TENTH episode! Wow, time¬†flies when you’re having fun! And¬†it’s only getting better! However,¬†we know that we couldn’t have made it to “EP10” without the support, feedback, and encouragement of some of our amazing friends turned listeners! Thank You really isn’t a big enough word…but we hope it will suffice for now! We’re calling out Aimee, Alison, Tiffanie, Brandi, Layron, Phyllis, Kemba, Adam,¬†Mary, Rosetta, Wesmo, Julianna, Lindsey, and Orie for being incredibly connected and in touch with us so far!¬†We know there are so many others who are rooting for us and we love and thank you too!¬†

So what have we been up to since last week? Well, Irene took in the sights, sounds, and foods of Memphis, while Shells braved Spirit Airlines for the first time and enjoyed a whirlwind weekend in Atlanta.

There are only 2 points of business for Ellen this week. First, she’s moving her talents to the big screen by¬†producing¬†the adaptation of the novel “Uprooted” by Naomi Novik. Secondly, we still need your help to make the #IreneEllenDanceBattle happen. Irene has upped the ante by declaring that the dance battle will be to a MJ song. So, be sure to tweet & Facebook @TheEllenShow & @FSGPodcast and use #IreneEllenDanceBattle.

This week’s would you rather is fun (we think, lol). Would you rather “Hakuna Mata” or “YOLO” [as your life’s philosophy]. Let us know what you would choose! #FSGWYR

Here’s a few things to chat about around the water-cooler: A teenage pool party was ruined by an out-of-control, power hungry, pistol pulling police officer in¬†McKinney, TX. Thankfully, there was video of the incident and no kids were seriously injured. “Officer”¬†Michael Slager has been indicted on murder charges for the death of unarmed¬†Walter Scott¬†in April, and the Scott family will move forward with a wrongful death suit against the city of North Charleston. To further illustrate the magnitude of broken-ness in our justice system,¬†Kalief Browder¬†was sent to¬†Riker’s Island for 3 years without a trial after being accused of stealing a backpack at the age of 16. The young man sadly committed suicide this past weekend, and it’s nearly impossible not to connect his wrongful imprisonment with his subsequent psychological and mental¬†struggles that may have led to his death. The US government announced this week that there was a¬†data breach¬†(suspected to be orchestrated¬†by the Chinese government)¬†that impacted more than 4 million current and former government employees.

On a much lighter note,¬†American Pharaoh¬†won¬†the Triple Crown. This is the first Triple Crown since 1978 and the jockey is the oldest and first Latino to win. Irene might not care about horse racing, but it is a current and historic event¬†that might come up … at some point… maybe. Lastly, if Pandora, Spotify, and Tidal weren’t enough, Apple has decided to throw its¬†iHat in the music streaming ring with the announcement of¬†Apple Music.

After listening to a radio¬†discussion on¬†whether¬†Hope Solo¬†should be playing in the Women’s World Cup given her domestic violence incident last year, we wanted to talk about the presence and impact of reverse sexism. We also discuss our opinion about¬†Jon Stewart’s¬†response to the media reaction¬†to¬†Caitlyn Jenner’s¬†Vanity Fair¬†reveal in terms of being treated “like a woman”.

Irene let us know¬†that June is¬†Black Music Month¬†and as a result, her Beats will be filled with throwback music. Today, it’s¬†a R&B classic from the era of¬†New Jack Swing.¬†

A¬†thoughtful, kind, unsolicited gesture from a stranger to a little girl is at the heart of this week’s Eye Spy Inspiration!

Also, we’ll be introducing a new segment called “FSG Plug of the Week” where we highlight different business and services. We¬†have¬†some amazing people in our circles who are doing some amazing things, and we just want to support and encourage their efforts and their dreams!

Until next week… Bye, PEOPLE! ūüôā

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EP9: Kinda Salty ‘Bout ‘Bron


Welcome, welcome, welcome, good people…to episode 9. As always, we are so happy that you’re joining us.

Over the week, Shells may have missed an opportunity from the Universe to be a savior to someone in need. Irene is officially a cyclist and (apparently) a daredevil. And then there was the story of the most conspicuous ghost writer ever.

The Ellen Show will air new episodes through the summer (longer than usual), because it’s going to be her “Biggest Summer Ever”.¬†If you’ve never watched the show, Ellen loves to scare her guests. It’s hilarious and she’s been showing some of her favorite scares recently. One of our favorites is Nicki Minaj. Last, but not least, our girl made the Forbes World’s¬†Most Powerful Women list. We’re not surprised, but so happy for E.D.¬†But not as happy as we’ll be when the #IreneEllenDanceBattle happens..and.it.will.happen.

This week’s Would You Rather is to live one life that last 1,000 years or ten lives that last 100 years each? Irene gets a little sentimental this time (wait for it).

At the watercooler, we talk about the devastating¬†floods in Texas, the¬†FIFA scandal¬†that is drawing international scrutiny, a few notable mentions on¬†The Forbes¬†World’s 100 Most Powerful Women¬†list,¬†Tracey Morgan’s his first interview¬†since the fatal car accident, the¬†19 Kids & Counting molestation¬†investigation is growing and may impact the political scene, and the¬†2015 Scripps National Spelling¬†reminds us that “smart kids do things”. Finally, we discuss the NBA finals…sorta. Mostly, we try to talk through the current unfavorable feelings that Irene holds for Lebron James…it’s a Miami Heat thing (Shells doesn’t get it :-/ )

This week, we talk about the growing trend of the¬†commercialization and visibility of celebrity athletes and their children and/or parents. Most recently, there is the rising star and toddler sensation that is¬†Riley Curry. There’s also a Speed Stick commercial featuring the collegiate basketball player/NBA¬†draft candidate, Jahlil Okafor…and his dad.

Our conversation about chivalry from last week has spilled over into Irene’s Beats this week with the melodic tunes of¬†Trevor Wesley.¬†Check him out. And Shells wraps¬†up¬†the show with a suggestion about 3 simple hobbies that can help you find happiness and balance in your life.

As always, you can stay in touch with us here on our website, on Facebook, and Twitter. And if you don’t mind… rate us and write a (legit) review on iTunes! ūüôā

We’ll see you next week!

-Irene & Shells



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EP8: Smitten on the ‘Gram


We’re EIGHT episodes in and we, like little kids, are sooooo excited about it!! ūüôā

What’s happening in our lives, you ask? Well…Irene is the proud new owner of a bike and plans to race her way through the DMV. Shell’s is looking forward to Memorial Day weekend with family and is oddly excited about an¬†upcoming Color Vibe¬†5K.

Ellen is putting her thumbprint on yet another network: this time it’s HLN with her¬†wildly popular and entertaining game Heads Up! That should be fun! Ellen is also¬†starting¬†a movement by encouraging viewers to¬†#JustKeepDancing¬†in the name of Pediatric Cancer Awareness. This gives Irene two very important reasons to dance, since the #IreneEllenDanceBattle continues to be our goal. Ellen’s also highlighting achievements around the world … like the US innovation¬†of an OG breadstick sandwich! #YUM #CuttingEdge¬†#TheAmericanWay

To¬†relive the past or foresee the future,¬†that¬†is the question!!!¬† This week we’re discussing if we would¬†rather have a time machine that only went forward in time or back in time. This one get’s a little heavier than usual…but it’s a good one. Let us know what you would rather.¬†#WYRFSG @FSGPodcast

There’s a lot of entertainment stuff happening around our watercooler. Here it is:¬†The Billboard Awards¬†were sponsored by C.Breezy’s red suit and black hair, Taylor Swift’s pantsuit and journey to womanhood, and Kanye *insert ball of light and moments of silence*.¬†Jay-Z’s B-side concert¬†was semi-exclusive to Tidal subscribers and the reunion of Roc-a-fella was…interesting.¬†Janet Jackson¬†is finally returning to the music scene and it’s amazing news, as far as Irene is concerned.¬†Killer Mike¬†made an impressive and informative appearance (not performance) on Bill Maher. Rest in Peace to BB King, who passed away at 89 years old.¬† And after 8 years, the¬†Mad Men¬†series is over.

Tyrese¬†posted a very public expression of admiration for Janelle Monae, and we Talk About It! Irene finds it creepy… Shells isn’t that put off by it. We want to know what you think… Is this a demonstration of chivalry or ¬†is it going too far?

New artist,¬†Tink, is in Irene’s Beats this week. This budding singer & rapper is produced by Timbaland and her first major single is a nod to Aalyiah’s One in a Million. In the spirit of time machines and public display of affection, Shell’s Eye Spy Inspiration is about staying connected or reconnecting to those you love. And a very special guest closes out our show this week! ūüôā

Remember, you can get and stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, or on our webpage! See ya next week!

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EP7: Not so Raven


We are here again! The most exciting things to happen in our lives since last week can be summed up in two words: Fitbit & Softball. Exciting, right? Indeed.

Ellen continues to bless the world with her kindness. Peck Elementary School was awarded an amazing amount of money, in addition to a very special gift given to their hard-working and optimistic principal. Irene is practicing for the #IreneEllenDanceBattle. When it happens (and it will happen), it’s going to be an epic meeting of 2 dance machines: @fsgpodcast and @theellenshow.

This week, our Would You Rather is a debate of public accommodations – restroom versus transportation. The co-hosts do not agree, but what would you do? Tweet us @fsgpodcast #FSGWYR

Your Watercooler News: First, there was the deadly Amtrak Train 188 derailment, then a freight train derailed in Pittsburgh 2 day later, Verizon is courting AOL, and Tom Brady was suspended & the Patriots fined for ‚ÄúDeflategate‚ÄĚ. So there‚Äôs that.

Are there certain words or phrases that make you cringe? We talk about some things that we hate to hear and unfortunately that includes some of Raven-Symone’s recent comments.

The mysterious and very talented Sia is in Irene’s Beats this week, and Jane Fonda (who recently appeared on Ellen) is responsible for today’s Eye Spy inspiration.

Until next week, we want you to keep in touch, here’s how:

Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, or email us at info@fsgpodcast.com.

Hope to hear from you soon!

-Irene & Shells

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EP6: Say What?


Welcome back, good people!

We kick things off by catching up since our last show. In that time we’ve had¬†Irene’s birthday and Shelley’s Mother’s Day celebrations.

Then there’s our boo, Ellen! In front of the camera, Ellen blessed a studio full of expectant moms with gifts galore! She also had a week filled with fun guests, including Kristen Wiig and Jamie Foxx. Behind the scenes, Ellen’s all about the kids and it shows. She’s working on a new clothing line, GapKids x ED, and a children’s variety show with Steve Harvey, “Little Big Shots”. Both projects are coming this summer. Annnndddddd…. the mission to make the dance battle ¬†happen continues. #IreneEllenDanceBattle @fsgpodcast @theellenshow

We talk about superpowers for Would You Rather… the power to fly or to become invisible. Which would you rather?

Do you need something to chat about around the water cooler? Try this:¬†MayPac: the fight of the century…or was it? President Obama announced the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative. Wells Fargo is stealing your hard earned money. Apparently, “all the black people” are leaving a graduation in Lilburn, GA and that’s¬†just an observation. Believe it or not, it is possible to have twins from 2 different fathers. And the candidate pool is filling up for the 2016 Presidential election.

So, have you ever sung a song even when you don’t know all of the words. Or worse, you’ve sung a song loud and wrong for the long time before you realized you were wrong… No? It’s just us? Oh, okay…well, we’ll talk about it.

We wrap the show up with an understated, but hugely talented songtress and musician in Irene’s Beats and Shelley’s encouragement give to others but never¬†sacrifice yourself.

We’ll see you next week! Until then, let us know what you think about the show…

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  • Welcome to the For Shits & Giggles Podcast!

    Welcome to FSGPodcast!!!

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    ūüö®New episode alert!!ūüö® "TMC"

    What‚Äôs poppin‚Äô good people?! This week I‚Äôm keeping it short because I‚Äôm preparing for @hbcuspringcoming! So let‚Äôs get right to it- First and foremost, RIP to #NipeyHussle. The world is forever changed because of you. It is my hope that we all work to be our best selves and do good in our communities. The Marathon Continues! ūüíôūüŹĀ

    In other pop culture news: the #Neverland doc is cancelled- y‚Äôall gon‚Äô leave #MJ alone! #ChristopherDarden is still being a loser; #TigerWoods is winning and some Black folks are cheering, and I‚Äôm confused ūü§Ē; #ReggieBush got the game fucked up; #NotreDame burned down and y‚Äôall I thought it was the school ūü§¶ūüŹĺ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ; and I‚Äôm outchea running my marathon-guest lecturing classes! All this and more!
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    ūüö®New Episode of FSG!! ūüö®"Everybody's a Thotiana"

    #GiggleGang! I’m back after a much needed break, and we have so much to catch up on!
    After spending some r&r in #Hawaii, I’m ready to get back to giggling and talking shit with my people! This week, I share some thoughts on Cape Toad ass #AmandaSeales (S/o to The Root!), my new play cousin- #JordynWoods, #Jussie’s legal woes, #RKelly and #GayleKing break the internet, #MichaelJackson is back in the news, #2Chainz and #Solange drop albums, and so much more!

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    ūüö®New Episode Alert!! "At Cousins feat PopLifePodcast"ūüö® #GiggleGang! I got my play cousins with me this week- the hosts of ThePopLife Podcast- Naima, Shawn, and Jeff! This truly was a black ass conversation. ūüėā

    We chopped it up about the wackness of the #SuperBowl (ūüó£"ATL hoe!"), #KamalaHarris and #CoryBooker‚Äôs bid for President, the fact that something about #JussieSmollett‚Äôs story ain‚Äôt quite curling over all the way, #21Savage, and so much more!

    **Episode link in the comments**

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    ūüó£New Episode Alert! "Try'na Find Our Way Ft. Phillip Agnew"

    Happy New Year #GiggleGang! It’s 2019 and ya girl’s getting right to it! My first guest of the year is none other than my good friend, @philofdreams! We chop it up about the #GovernmentShutdown, #SurvivingRKelly, trash ass #JohnGray, the hamburglar that is #Trump, and some other shit around the water cooler!
    Then we get into Phil’s moves since his departure from the @dreamdefendersaction and what he has lined up for the future.
    Oh, and I finally address him and his ‚Äúissue‚ÄĚ with my girl #Beyonce. **Don‚Äôt worry #BeyHive, I stood my ground!** And of course Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee, @missymisdemeanorelliott is in my beats this week.
    All this and more! Listen‚ÄĘLaugh‚ÄĘShare #Podcast #BlackPodcast #PodsInColor

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    4 months ago


    #GiggleGang!! It’s the last episode of 2018 and whew, it’s been a ride! I kept this one short and sweet- reflected on what 2018 had to offer and the dopeness that’s in store for 2019.
    Special s/o to all the amazing guests that chopped it up with me over the last 12 months: @monascottyoung @herflyness2u @m.y.i.a.h @apuje @book_of_moses @dj_rtistic @naimagram @kg_phd @melnew16 @jrbland @iam_naderah @iamcastro @iamdevale and so many more!! Y'all really made this solo venture something spectacular!! To the Giggle Gang: Thanks for riding with me. Y'all have no idea what that support means to me!! Only other thing to do, is take it to the next level!

    Welp, I guess I'll see y'all in the future! ‚úĆūüŹĺCheers to the new year! 18, out.
    #Podcasts #BlackPodcasts #PodsInColor #18Takes18...#18Took18

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