What’s up, Good People. New Week.. New Episode…let’s get into it.

Irene experienced the incomparable performance art of Kanye West and then survived an equally monumental summer cold. Shells had an absolutely perfect weekend in Atlanta handling business and visiting family.

Then, we get into the water cooler:

  • Deloitte is showing that work-life balance is also the responsibility of the employer with a new family leave policy;
  • One of Bey’s favorite girl’s, Ashley Everett, had a performance of a lifetime when she got engaged, on stage, in the middle of the St. Louis show;
  • Chance the Rapper is making us love him more every day by most recently taking on ticket scalpers…and winning;
  • Apparently, when Ellen tells you to “take one and move along”, that’s exactly what you should do…unless you want to get called out on national television;
  • Hillary Clinton’s “health scare” has turned into the most recent side show act and Colin Powell has some choice words for both presidential candidates;
  • Apple announced the new iPhone, Apple Watch and iOS and we’re only excited about 2 of the 3;
  • And oh yeah, it’s football season.

We’re skipping Would You Rather this week and #LiveAlotFSG is to keep finding fun in everything!

But then…we talk about the viral sensation of #TeacherBae. What’s the real problem here… the attire, the picture, the age of the students, or the overwhelming analysis of the underlying issues of body shaming, relationships, gender roles, sexism and religion that have all bubble to the surface…thanks to Big Booty Judy!

Finally, Irene gives us an oldie-pop rock-goodie in her Beats this week…she’s so well rounded. And Shells’ eye spy inspiration is encouragement to reach out and let someone know they made a difference in your life.

That’s all for now. Shout out to all of our new listeners and lots of love to our loyal supporter! Keep sharing the good FSG word and we’ll be back at it next week!

Listen – Laugh – Share!

Irene & Shells

(Recorded Sept 14, 2016)


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