Your Speech or Mine?

Hey Good People! We took a little summer hiatus, enjoying the summer sun and such….but we.are.bbaacckk!!

So let’s get to the good stuff! Around the water cooler we’re talking about:


  • D.Wade to Chitown;
  • the US Olympic gymnastics team;
  • a social justice statement during the ESPYs;
  • Michael Jordan breaking his “silence”


  • Hills picked VA Senator Kaine for VP;
  • Republican & Democratic National Conventions have been more entertainment than reality TV;
  • The WikiLeaks and security breach is damn near a page from a House of Cards episode


  • The attack against the Dallas Police;
  • The reckless shooting of Charles Kinsey by a North Miami officer

This week in Would You Rather, we consider what’s more important- your riches or your memories! Let us know your preference and use our hashtag #FSGWYR

FSG Plug of the Week is back!!! And we’re delighted to share OnPurpose Movement with you all! If you don’t know Jovian Zayne and the important work she’s doing… here’s the your chance! Skip on over to and stay plugged in on Instagram & Twitter and Facebook: @onpurposemovement – @jovianzayne – @dayofpurpose

Last week, we introduced the new campaign #LiveAlotFSG. And we’re encouraging you to find every opportunity in your life to Live A lot! If you need some help, why not start with showering with music as your backdrop? Trust us, it’ll definitely enhance your simple shower experience. We also want to hear and see what you’re doing to live a lot. So be sure to use the #LiveAlotFSG hashtag when posting pics/videos/messages about your amazing lives on social media.

Then we get to address the carbon copied elephant in the room… Melania Trump’s blatant plagiarism of First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech. This inevitably leads to some discussion about the utter lack of comparison between these two women and what they represent in our culture. We talk about it… but in a nutshell.. Michelle is a goddess and we love her!

Finally, we wrap up the show with a Queen and a message of UNITY in Irene’s Beats and a reminder to take care of yourself so that you can be a blessing to others in Eye Spy Inspiration. (Remember, you can revisit these segments on our website now!)

That’s all for now! We missed ya…we hope you enjoy this post-hiatus show and we’ll see you next week!

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Irene & Shells

Recorded July 27, 2016


New Week…New Episode!

We hope that you all had an amazing Fourth of July weekend, doing something amazing with people you truly enjoy! We sure did! Irene might have left a little bit of her heart in the Pacific Northwest; while Shells enjoyed a backyard cook-out with friends and family!

Around the water cooler this week, we discuss the deep pockets of the NBA; Durant’s big career move and Steven A. Smith’s big ass mouth; apparently, we’re still talking about Hillary’s emails; the Mega Million jackpot is massive; Star Swain’s rendition of the National Anthem is one of the greatest of all time (s/o FAMU!); and the next, IronMan will be a black woman… (yep, you read that right)!

What would you rather control… time or space? Let us know your preference and why… and use the hashtag, #FSGWYR

When we started this podcast, it was on a whim. We just wanted to do something new and fun…for shits and giggles. And here we are, over a year and sixty episodes later! So, we got to thinking about how it’s really not enough to “live a little”…a term that so many people use as encouragement to do something out of the box. We believe that “a little living” is settling for way less that we deserve….we should LIVE ALOT!! So we’re starting a new lifestyle campaign, #LiveAlotFSG and we want you to get into it! Every day and in damn near everything you do… #LiveAlotFSG!!!

Finally, we wrap the show up with some ScHoolboy Q in Irene’s Beats…and Shell’s encouraging EyeSpy Inspiration.

cleardot.gifListen – Laugh – Share…and #LIVEALOTFSG!

We’re cheering you on,

Irene & Shells

(recorded June 6, 2016)

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