Lyin’ to Kick It

Irene took a quick break from travel and turn up to catch up on work this week…but will resume her normally scheduled summer social calendar…immediately. Breaking News! Shells hates squats and has negative abdominal strength… and you care or don’t. Our dysfunctional #FitBit and #FuelBand debate continues…our apologies. It’s pettiness as it’s finest.

Ellen has another game app that you can purchase. It’s a fun trivia game called Know and Go!  It’s available, like most things, in the App Store. A few favorite moments from the show this week included Will Smith performing Summertime, and Ellen & Portia being playful!

Whether you’re concerned with Irene’s bout with pettiness or feel moved by her being ordained to battle Ellen on the dance floor, we need your help getting the word out. Support the cause: #IreneEllenBattleDance @TheEllenShow @FSGPodcast.

We debated serious or silly for this week’s Would You Rather question…and silly won! So, for an entire year, would you rather have to sneeze but not be able to or have something stuck in your eye that you can’t get out? Tweet us and let us know what you would rather @FSGPodcast #FSGWYR

Watercooler News this week included the prison break in Upstate New York prison, the highly anticipated new season of Orange is the New Black is early available, an update on the current presidential candidates, try planking 5 hours…and there was Lebron’s head on collision with a camera…and the prime time debut of his man parts. Whoa!

Our 1st Plug of the Week: The Grant Access. There are events and then there are experiences…and The Grant Access and the Chief Experience Architect, Lauren Grant, make the difference in elevating gatherings to memorable, meaningful experiences.  We are delighted to highlight our friend as this week’s Plug of the Week and we encourage you to check her out for your event!

When the story of Rachel Dolezal hit the internet, we knew we had to talk about it! Is passing for black offensive? Is it necessary? Why did her parents feel the need to “out” her? Should she get a pass from the Black community? Is there any relationship between this story and Caitlyn Jenner? We talk about it all.

Black Music Month continues in Irene’s Beats…and it’s good music; and Shells shares a few simple rules of life to encourage and inspire happiness until we get together next week.

That’s it…for now!


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