Kinda Salty ‘Bout ‘Bron

Welcome, welcome, welcome, good people…to episode 9. As always, we are so happy that you’re joining us.

Over the week, Shells may have missed an opportunity from the Universe to be a savior to someone in need. Irene is officially a cyclist and (apparently) a daredevil. And then there was the story of the most conspicuous ghost writer ever.

The Ellen Show will air new episodes through the summer (longer than usual), because it’s going to be her “Biggest Summer Ever”. If you’ve never watched the show, Ellen loves to scare her guests. It’s hilarious and she’s been showing some of her favorite scares recently. One of our favorites is Nicki Minaj. Last, but not least, our girl made the Forbes World’s Most Powerful Women list. We’re not surprised, but so happy for E.D. But not as happy as we’ll be when the #IreneEllenDanceBattle

This week’s Would You Rather is to live one life that last 1,000 years or ten lives that last 100 years each? Irene gets a little sentimental this time (wait for it).

At the watercooler, we talk about the devastating floods in Texas, the FIFA scandal that is drawing international scrutiny, a few notable mentions on The Forbes World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list, Tracey Morgan’s his first interview since the fatal car accident, the 19 Kids & Counting molestation investigation is growing and may impact the political scene, and the 2015 Scripps National Spelling reminds us that “smart kids do things”. Finally, we discuss the NBA finals…sorta. Mostly, we try to talk through the current unfavorable feelings that Irene holds for Lebron James…it’s a Miami Heat thing (Shells doesn’t get it :-/ )

This week, we talk about the growing trend of the commercialization and visibility of celebrity athletes and their children and/or parents. Most recently, there is the rising star and toddler sensation that is Riley Curry. There’s also a Speed Stick commercial featuring the collegiate basketball player/NBA draft candidate, Jahlil Okafor…and his dad.

Our conversation about chivalry from last week has spilled over into Irene’s Beats this week with the melodic tunes of Trevor Wesley. Check him out. And Shells wraps up the show with a suggestion about 3 simple hobbies that can help you find happiness and balance in your life.

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We’ll see you next week!

-Irene & Shells



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