Smitten on the ‘Gram

We’re EIGHT episodes in and we, like little kids, are sooooo excited about it!! ūüôā

What’s happening in our lives, you ask? Well…Irene is the proud new owner of a bike and plans to race her way through the DMV. Shell’s is looking forward to Memorial Day weekend with family and is oddly excited about an¬†upcoming Color Vibe¬†5K.

Ellen is putting her thumbprint on yet another network: this time it’s HLN with her¬†wildly popular and entertaining game Heads Up! That should be fun! Ellen is also¬†starting¬†a movement by encouraging viewers to¬†#JustKeepDancing¬†in the name of Pediatric Cancer Awareness. This gives Irene two very important reasons to dance, since the #IreneEllenDanceBattle continues to be our goal. Ellen’s also highlighting achievements around the world … like the US innovation¬†of an OG breadstick sandwich! #YUM #CuttingEdge¬†#TheAmericanWay

To¬†relive the past or foresee the future,¬†that¬†is the question!!!¬† This week we’re discussing if we would¬†rather have a time machine that only went forward in time or back in time. This one get’s a little heavier than usual…but it’s a good one. Let us know what you would rather.¬†#WYRFSG @FSGPodcast

There’s a lot of entertainment stuff happening around our watercooler. Here it is:¬†The Billboard Awards¬†were sponsored by C.Breezy’s red suit and black hair, Taylor Swift’s pantsuit and journey to womanhood, and Kanye *insert ball of light and moments of silence*.¬†Jay-Z’s B-side concert¬†was semi-exclusive to Tidal subscribers and the reunion of Roc-a-fella was…interesting.¬†Janet Jackson¬†is finally returning to the music scene and it’s amazing news, as far as Irene is concerned.¬†Killer Mike¬†made an impressive and informative appearance (not performance) on Bill Maher. Rest in Peace to BB King, who passed away at 89 years old.¬† And after 8 years, the¬†Mad Men¬†series is over.

Tyrese¬†posted a very public expression of admiration for Janelle Monae, and we Talk About It! Irene finds it creepy… Shells isn’t that put off by it. We want to know what you think… Is this a demonstration of chivalry or ¬†is it going too far?

New artist,¬†Tink, is in Irene’s Beats this week. This budding singer & rapper is produced by Timbaland and her first major single is a nod to Aalyiah’s One in a Million. In the spirit of time machines and public display of affection, Shell’s Eye Spy Inspiration is about staying connected or reconnecting to those you love. And a very special guest closes out our show this week! ūüôā

Remember, you can get and stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, or on our webpage! See ya next week!

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